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Housing Services

HomeCourt Community Network aims at bringing awareness and support to some of the most vulnerable members of our communities today. During the COVID-19 crisis that began in early 2020, many people lost jobs, homes, and businesses. Most people banded together for the greater good, however, as we know there are people willing to take advantage of all human tragedies for personal profit. NYC Landlords are no exception. Many people are unaware that during one of the most confusing and distressing times in human history (the COVID-19 pandemic), there are people being deliberately denied essential services and routinely subjected to other forms of psychological abuse and inhumane treatment in depopulation, illegal eviction, and immoral gentrification efforts being waged in marginalized communities in New York City and worldwide.


In some of the more aggressive efforts, landlords are permitting and promoting daily drug use and criminal activities on their properties, with the aid and complacency of government officials to scare tenants into moving out of rent-stabilized buildings and other gentrifying areas, Other extreme measures currently being used are deliberately created  "quality of life" issues ie. intentional routine noise and air pollution, utility shut-offs, denial of essential services ie. repairs, and fires. These efforts amount to gross violations of tenant rights, civil rights, and even human rights.  They often result in sensory overload, chronic stress, sleep deprivation, diminished cognition and suppressed immune systems amongst other serious physical and psychosomatic illnesses. This could be happening right in your neighborhood and you don't even know it.


Ranking high on the list of NYC's most pervasive "dirty little secrets", is homelessness. Amongst moguls and tycoons and NYC residents, lay homeless senior citizens, veterans, and people with disabilities callously displaced and discarded by our society. The harsh truth of the matter is that there are even more "well-dressed",  functional homeless New Yorkers walking around and many more are only a couple of paychecks away from an eviction notice. Most city residents spend more than half their monthly income on rent. For most people, our home is our safe haven, our refuge and our retreat. Second to our loved ones, for many, our home is our most precious asset, yet many have lost their homes to the most ruthless and unjust efforts.


HomeCourt Community Network is a growing team of artists, entrepreneurs, and community activists rising to stand against the immoral and un-ethical gentrification efforts in our neighborhoods. HomeCourt Communitys' mantra is "Cooperation over Competition". By sharing art, information, and the priceless resources of our volunteer's time & efforts, we usher in more creative, sustainable, and holistic ways of relating to and uplifting other beings and our environments. What do you do when you're rights are being violated, the system has failed you and the authorities refuse to act on your behalf? You turn to the HomeCourt Community Network.

HomeCourt Community Network investigates, exposes, and disrupts the mechanisms of systematic racism and elitism that exploit, oppress, destabilize and target communities for corrupt, immoral, and illegal acts.

In these times of unprecedented, fear and uncertainty, our friends, families, and neighbors can be our most valuable allies. The HomeCourt Community Network is a safe place where people from all over the world can connect, share experiences, resources, and solutions.


If you or anyone you know has been or is being forced out of your home, please don't hesitate to contact us at If you or someone you know is witnessing or experiencing quality of life issues such as routine noise and air pollution, from emergency sirens, cars honking, or neighbors, denial of services or repairs garbage and sanitation issues since the pandemic began, please share and compare your experiences in our forum. In the age of Information, ignorance is a choice. 

If there's one thing the Covid-19 pandemic should remind us of, is that we are all as inextricably connected as the air we share! Despite a year of social distancing and being quarantined, we must not lose touch with our humanity. We must love, protect, and support one another if we are to ascend as a human collective. You can also show support and solidarity by becoming a member, volunteering. or donating. However, the most proactive thing you can do to help us continue our work and affect meaningful change is to sign our petition at and pass the message on to others


 Stronger together!

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