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Decoding the "2020" phenomena: The Great Conjunction, is this really the end of life as we know it?

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Most people can agree that 2020 has been a momentous year marked with unprescidented fear, turmoil and uncertainty. Many people are also awakening and beginning to see beyond the "veil" of suffering. Lets see if we can find some peace and overstanding by taking a look at the storm from a "First eye" perspective.

From Covid-19 to the racial upheval after the death of George Floyd, and the United States presidential Elections, 2020 has been a year full of catclysmic events. Many people are still in "fight, flight or freeze" mode unable to make sense of all the upheval. For many of us it has felt like like our lives and society as awhole have been flipped completely upside down. So, is this really the end of life as we know it?

"According to the great ancient Myan Civilization, the answer is yes!" The Ancient Myans who were advanced astrologers, predicted that the world would end during the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter with Earth, which is happening on December 21st 2020."

Dont panic however

This was not a dooms day prediction. This is where the higher dimention "First eye" point of view comes in. What the Mayans were describing was the end of the age of illusions which they called "Maya". Maya is defined as everything that is not real. So what is real and what is not real? As you can see, on their website NASA wants us to associate this cosmic event that has been occuring for billions of years with "The Christmas Star". This is where ones ability to see beyond the veil comes in. In 2020 many people cried "Black Lives Matter!" over a man whom robbed a pregnant "Black" mother by putting a gun to her belly. Many others "Black people" voted for Joe Biden who eulogized Robert Bird, a famed "KKK" member, calling him a friend and "mentor", while demonizing Donald Trump, the first American president to expose "Fake Media" and "The deep state", a secret facet of government that many of us have long suspected exists. Now an alarming many of us are looking forward to taking a vaccine developed and promoted by Bill Gates who established his agenda to decrease the world population through vaccinations in ***. How could all this possibly be happening to a world full of educated, well-intentioned people? To answer this question, I will pose a related question. How do the 'lower" magicians achieve their best illusions? Through the "Arts of Dedeption and Distraction". Although this is an unsettling thought, it is only the awakening to this truth that can dispell the illusion/maya. In the information super age, most of us where so distracted by fear of the coronavirus, the anger over watching the cerial musders of innocent citizens by the United States police forces, and the "witch hunt" of Donald Trump, that we failed to do our due research. Despite the fact tha "lower" Magicians rely mainly on illusions to maintain their "Status" and "Power" in society, they are extremely experienced and dedicated to their craft, therefore we must be just as vigilant not to be"tricked".

The truth is right before of our eyes

So how long will we be decieved and distracted by the same old tactics? When will we stop participating in our own manipulation and exploitation? When we are truly ready to awaken. With the great planetary allignment ushering us into the Age of Aquarius, which is also known as the Age of Information, the Mayans say that the time is now! I am neither a Trump nor Biden supporter. I am a supporter of truth and liberation. Even as I write this post, there is a mass censoring of all influensers exposing the "Master Illusionists" and their global world agendas, people like Dr Rashid Butlar, Dr Shiva, Ralph Smart, Judy Mecovich to name a few, These high vibrational bengs who are helping others ascend by providing relevant and empowering information in their established fields of expertese are being ridiculed as conspirasists, censored and penalized in the most treasonous and unconstitutional ways, for their brave and noble acts. Meanwhile we are upholding blatant rasists, child traffickers and mass murderers as our world leaders. Because of this the threat of forced immunizations, physical, psychological and biological warfare and mind control are still all too real. As we move into the "Information Age", marked by this phenominal planetary alignment, I remind everyone that knowledge is power, and with great power comes great responsability. This literally means that your ability to repond is your super power, and your ability to respond appropriately is dependent on how much you know. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice, so please choose your response wisely. It is time to stand in our true power, start caring enough to do our own research, awaken from the '"dream of insanity", and conciously create the reality we truly wish to manifest for ourselves and our loved others.

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