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The HomeCourt Community Taskforce is a group of neighborhood volunteers dedicated to working for the betterment of our communities. Members of the HCN Taskforce are deployed in teams to community members or areas that have been assessed and deemed to be in need of our FREE services. The HCN Taskforce observes strict standards of sanitization and is trained in diplomacy, de-escalation, conflict resolution, personal & public safety amongst other skills. Training is free and is provided in person and via webinars. Please read the descriptions below the photos to find out more about the HomeCourt Taskforce Services. You can support the HCN Taskforce by becoming a member, a contributor, a volunteer, or by donating. 

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In extreme cases involving stalking harassment or extreme isolation HomeCourt Community Taskforce can step in to do safety and welfare checks or provide escorts to important appointments with neighbors. Eligibility is determined on a case-to-case basis. Our home is our safe haven, our refuge our retreat It is where we can prepare educate recuperate & rejuvenate. in civil society, Nobody should be denied their rights and made to feel unsafe in their own home for the financial gain of others. We are stronger together!



Performing household repairs can greatly improve the quality of life for residents, just as withholding them can be a callous but effective weapon against them. Chronic neglect of essential services can be debilitating. The HCN taskforce works to ensure that people do not endure unsafe and substandard living conditions deliberately created to cause undue hardships to tenants. Our communities are steeped in untapped skills and resources that caring neighbors can use to help others by volunteering. Cooperation over competition.



Our neighborhoods reflect how much the region's leaders value thei residents, they are also a projection how the people who live there feel as a community. Living amongst roaches, rats, and garbage is more than an eyesore. It lowers our vibrational frequency and affects our moods, morale and health consciously or unconsciously. The HomeCourt Taskforce is committed to making a difference through neighborhood cleanup, restoration and art projects. Our environments are products of who we are, just as we are products of our environments.

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